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Update – Sony hates Russians

Damn, got some problems. I’m using SONY Vegas for my next AMV but, it seems that it is unable to read Matroska format videos, and I’m having a big deal of pain trying to convert these videos to a readable format for my Vegas.

More or less I have the excerpts of music I’ll use for the AMV. It will be more or less 8 minutes long, to stick to be below the 10 minutes cap, and will have multiple music composition, which will be my first try at doing this.

It will take more than expected. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll finish to convert the video files and crop all the scenes from the episodes in order to make an appealing composition following the music.

The light box, looks like some day of next week my carpenter will have it mounted up. I hope it ends in perfect conditions to be used but that reminds me I need to do the rest of the electric work (cable, wires, lamp…). Anyway, I need that box ASAP.

My gunsmith is Class 1 Rank 3 of gun-smithing and Class 1 Rank 1 of Synthesis. I don’t know if he will ever reach the top class ranks but anyway, an advance of 1 Rank in a day with x2 EXP for an hour is more than nothing at all. Will help a friend to get him a Lucky Hua-Po. It seems these demons are able to enhance in blacksmithing plus also giving a bless of luck, which is also needed to craft weapons with a pinch more of fluke of success. Looks like they also fixed a bug involving the durability of the armor and clothes never wearing out. CAVE is also trying to fix the issue with the render engine of the models, which for some (or most) of the people, players never loads after a long while after sighting the player. Sounds horrible. I have been suffering these issues myself during PvP, on which I was receiving damage from someone but I actually never seen the player dealing me the blows, nor even could I avoid him due to him being so invisible…

Hope everything gets sorted out.  Peace.


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