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Moar Update

*totally copy pasting from Twitter*

My light table recently arrived. It looks so spiffy and black. The carpenter gift it to me because he used spare woods. No charge at all!

Overall, the budget for the table went only towards the Compact fluorescent lamp, the choke ballast the plug and translucent methacrylate plate. 47€ which is pretty cheap for a custom made light table. It is a DIN-A3 table, pretty much the double of a normal folio.

Can’t wait to make good use of it, dur-hur-hur… *rubs together its mechanical hands in a craftily manner* But first, I need to see if it overheats… Carpenter said to leave it with the light on for a couple of hours to see if he needs to make a couple of wholes to the box.

Will wait a couple of days before I can start blocking the first animation pictures upon it. Next days will be for scheduling the blocking.

Storyboarding, which is my common trade *taps table* I need to chose though which of my animated stories should be maketh first… *ponders*

Since they are personal projects and I have this spare time to waste on it for my final animation reel… I’m so excited about it.

*typing normally*

With all this, as I mentioned above, I need to chose which of my animation stories to make first. I have several ideas, some of them are just an animation showcase/practice, and the others have an story based upon something like my fiction ideas and certain manga. I’m terribly in a deep dilemma because I don’t know what to make first. When I manage to make up my mind I’ll post the pre-concept of it in this place.

Regarding the AMV, had plenty of problems with my Sony Vegas being unable to handle Matroska videos, rendering me without enough beef for the AMV itself. As you all know, Sony hates Russians.


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