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Fantastic posts (I)

I can’t help but stalking the topic that have caused the most braindamage in all the history of Blizzard’s forum boards (and that’s quite the achievement since their forums are famed to be the least intelligent haven to thrive for a smart conversation). Skimming on page 2163, reply 43240, I found an amazing RP-like post that it’s damnful filled with awesomesauce (at least, from the point of view of an RPer like me).

Can’t prevent to show my pleasing while reading it, because, putting aside that it is the bitter truth, the romantic work putted on it is too beautiful to miss, lol. Ok, I’ll paste it here, before Blizzard starts to “delete fucking everything”. Made by the hand of Daviren, from the clan Insurrection (Moon Guard server):

  • 43240. Re: Update: Upcoming Changes to Fo 07/08/2010 03:18:03 PM PDT
    Lesser players, intruding here! A shame your excess typing does not compensate for your naivety!

    None but the Activison-Blizzard are welcome here! Perhaps this is the work of WoW Community? Well then, they have sent you to your deaths!

    What could you hope to accomplish against me? To storm brazenly into my forums… to employ posts… against ME? <Laughs>

    I am without limits here… the rules of your cherished forums do not apply… in this Real ID forum, I am in control.

    I give you one chance. Pledge fealty to Activision, and perhaps I won’t ban you for your insolence!

    My patience has reached its limit, I will Real ID you!


    Watch helplessly as your anonymity is swept away…

    Your stupidity has finally caught up to you!

    More accounts to ban…

    <Laughs> How very… naive.

    I had hoped to give your names quickly, but you have proven more… butthurt then I had anticipated. Nonetheless, your efforts are in vain, it is you trolling, flaming posters who are to blame for this change! I do what I must… And if it means your… Real ID… THEN SO BE IT!

    Few have experience the forced social networking I will now inflict upon you!


    I will teach you IGNORANT players just how little you know of Kotick…

    Your money will be put to good use!
    I am Kotick! My power is infinite!
    You will post here forever!

    Enough! If you intend to reclaim Azeroth’s forum, then you shall Facebook it….

    Now your benefactors make their appearance… But they are too late. The information contained in your account here is sufficient to make profit ten times over! What do you think you can do?


    The powers at work here exceed anything you could possibly imagine!

    Ghostcrawler! Another of your players quits!
    Little more than sheep!
    Your blue allies will share your fate….

    Still posting? Not for long…
    Your cause is lost!
    Your identity will be given!

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Oh, by the way, Activision Blizzard Inc. stocks are BURNING, hahahahah, check it out !


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